Bowman Layer Transplantation Wetlab Courses

NIIOS Academy organizes hands-on wetlab courses for general ophthalmologists and corneal surgeons who want to learn more about the latest innovation in treating advanced keratoconus: Bowman layer transplantation.

Bowman layer transplantation is the newest surgical technique for patients with advanced and progressive keratoconus and was pioneered by NIIOS in 2010. Bowman layer transplantation enables continued contact lens wear and often permits riskier procedures such as penetrating keratoplasty and deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty to be postponed or avoided entirely.

At first, the technique consisted of implanting an isolated Bowman layer into a manually dissected mid-stromal pocket. This procedure achieves a reduction and stabilization of corneal ectasia in eyes with progressive, advanced keratoconus. In the last years, additionally to this technique, we have refined an onlay technique as well, which we will teach during the course. The following article about this onlay technique has been published in Cornea:

Dapena I, van der Star L, Groeneveld-van Beek EA, Quilendrino R, van Dijk K, Parker JS, Oellerich S, Melles GRJ. Bowman layer onlay grafting: Proof-of-concept of a new technique to flatten corneal curvature and reduce progression in keratoconus. Cornea 2021;40:1561-6.

For further information about the inlay technique, see the following article:
van Dijk K, Liarakos VS, Parker J, Ham L, Lie JT, Groeneveld-van Beek EA, Melles GRJ. Bowman layer transplantation to reduce and stabilize progressive, advanced keratoconus. Ophthalmology 2015;122:909-17.

A multidisciplinary team of enthusiastic corneal surgeons, eye bank specialists and researchers is waiting to welcome you in Rotterdam and share the details of both procedures with you, including our protocols and experiences with advanced keratoconus and Bowman layer transplantation. All this information is first-hand: NIIOS developed these techniques in-house and continues to refine them.

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